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The GAMMA Initiative

The GAMMA (Gateway API for Mesh Management and Administration) initiative is a dedicated workstream within the Gateway API subproject. This group’s goal is to investigate, design, and track Gateway API resources, semantics, and other artifacts related to service mesh technology and use-cases. Additionally, we strive to advocate for consistency between implementations of the Gateway API by service mesh projects, regardless of their technology stack or proxy.


This group will deliver Gateway Enhancement Proposals consisting of resources, additions, and modifications to the Gateway API specification for mesh and mesh-adjacent use-cases. Governance of the Gateway API specification remains solely with the maintainers of the Gateway API subproject. Ideally, once service mesh use-cases become a first-party concern of the spec, there will be no further need for a separate initiative.

Meeting mechanics

GAMMA meetings will occur weekly on Tuesdays for 1 hour, alternating between 3pm PT and 8am PT slots to try to be as time-zone inclusive as possible. Meetings will be moderated by the GAMMA leads with notes taken by a volunteer. Meeting occurrences can be found on the sig-network calendar. Community members should feel free to attend both GAMMA and Gateway API meetings, but are by no means obligated to do so.