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Documentation Style Guide

Gateway API aims to adhere to the upstream Kubernetes Documentation Style Guide wherever possible. This guide should be considered an extension of that guide. Whenever there is conflicting guidance, the information contained in this guide has precedence for Gateway API documentation.

Name of the Project

This project is named "Gateway API", not "the Gateway API". As such, the only time it is acceptable to use "the Gateway API" is when it is part of a broader term, such as "the Gateway API maintainers".


To implement callouts in documentation, we make use of mkdocs-material admonitions.

Release Channels

Wherever possible, we try to clearly state which release channel a resource or feature is currently included in, and which version it was introduced to that channel. To accomplish that, we use admonitions that look like this:

Standard Channel since v0.5.0

The HTTPRoute resource is GA and has been part of the Standard Channel since v0.5.0. For more information on release channels, refer to our versioning guide.

Experimental Channel since v0.3.0

The TLSRoute resource is Alpha and has been part of the Experimental Channel since v0.3.0. For more information on release channels, refer to our versioning guide.


In many cases, diagrams are the best way to explain a concept. Unfortunately they can be hard to maintain and update. To ensure diagrams are more maintainable, we strongly recommend using the built-in support for Mermaid diagrams. Here is a simple example of a diagram:

flowchart TD
    Start --> Stop

Whenever it's not practical to use Mermaid diagrams, we ask that you link to a source that enables anyone to make a copy and edit as needed.