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GEP-2722: Goals and UX for gwctl

  • Issue: #2722
  • Status: Memorandum


TLDR: This GEP proposes gwctl, a new command line tool designed to streamline the experience of working with Gateway API resources. It offers a familiar kubectl-like interface for viewing resources while providing more detailed and informative output that is specifically focused on the Gateway API. For advanced filtering and other in-depth features, gwctl can be effectively used alongside kubectl.


  • Limited kubectl customizability for CRDs:
    • kubectl's customization capabilities for CRDs (through additionalPrinterColumns) is constrained, limiting the ability to create optimal views for Gateway API resources.
  • Complex policy attachment management:
    • As described in GEP-713, policies present a valuable mechanism for expanding the capabilities of Gateway API resources. However, discoverability poses a challenge due to the absence of a clear connection between resources and their associated policies. There have been growing questions around suitability of policies as a means to provide extensions.
  • Challenging multi-resource model navigation:
    • Comprehending the relationships between multiple Gateway API resources can be challenging within kubectl.


  • Greater control over output formatting and presentation:
    • Offer greater control over output formatting and presentation, enhancing visibility and understanding of Gateway API resources.
  • Improved policy discoverability, increasing adoption and usability:
    • Make policies easily discoverable, aiding in the adoption and fostering broader acceptance of policies as an extension mechanism.
  • Simplified multi-resource model navigation:
    • Facilitate navigation of the multi-resource model by making connections between Gateway API resources explicit, aiding in configuration, troubleshooting, and issue identification.
  • Proactive error detection and reporting:
    • Leverage native understanding of resource relationships to proactively detect and report on potential configuration errors, further simplifying issue identification and resolution. This would complement the ability of users to readily pinpoint configuration problems themselves.
  • Provide incentive for policy implementations that are consistent across cloud providers:
    • Encourage the adoption of consistent policy implementations across different Gateway API providers, promoting interoperability and predictability.

Commands Specification

Milestone 1

Supported Commands:

  • get: Retrieves information about specified resources without including additional information from related resources.
  • describe: Provides detailed information about specified resources, including augmented information from related resources.

Supported Resources:

  • gatewayclass
  • gateways
  • httproutes
  • namespaces
  • backends (not a native k8s resource)
  • policycrds (not a native k8s resource)
  • policies (not a native k8s resource)

Filtering Options:

  • -n Namespace: Filters resources by namespace. Applicable to all resources except cluster-scoped resources.
  • -l Labels: Filters resources by labels. Applicable to all resources.
  • -A All Namespaces: Fetches resources across all namespaces (redundant for cluster-scoped resources).
  • -t Target Resource: Filters policies based on the target resource type they apply to. Applicable only to the policies resource.
    • Syntax: -t <key1>=<value1>,<key2>=<value2>,...
    • Supported keys:
      • kind: Resource kind (e.g., "httproute", "gateway")
      • namespace: Resource namespace
      • name: Resource name
      • group: Resource API group

Output Formats:

  • describe: Fixed format, not customizable. Shows comprehensive resource information with details from related resources.

  • get:

    • One-line format (default): Displays basic resource information in a single line.
    • YAML format (-o yaml): Presents resource information in the YAML data format.
    • JSON format (-o json): Presents resource information in the JSON data format.
    • Wide format (-o wide): Includes additional columns beyond those displayed in the one-line format.
Output columns while using get
Resource Output Columns Description Visibility (Defaults to always unless specified otherwise)
gatewayclass NAME Name of the GatewayClass
CONTROLLER Controller managing the GatewayClass
ACCEPTED Whether the GatewayClass is accepted by the controller
AGE Age of the GatewayClass
GATEWAYS Count of Gateways using this GatewayClass -o wide
DESCRIPTION Description from the GatewayClass -o wide
gateway NAME Name of the Gateway
CLASS Class of the Gateway
ADDRESSES Addresses of the Gateway (displayed using + n more)
PORTS Ports exposed by the Gateway
PROGRAMMED Whether the Gateway is programmed
AGE Age of the Gateway
POLICIES Count of policies affecting this Gateway -o wide
HTTPROUTES Count of HTTPRoutes that are attached to this Gateway -o wide
httproute NAMESPACE Namespace of the HTTPRoute
NAME Name of the HTTPRoute
HOSTNAMES Hostnames associated with the HTTPRoute
PARENT REFS Count of parent references of the HTTPRoute (e.g., Gateways)
AGE Age of the HTTPRoute
POLICIES Count of policies affecting this HTTPRoute -o wide
namespace NAME Name of the namespace
STATUS Status of the namespace
AGE Age of the namespace
POLICIES Count of policies affecting this Namespace -o wide
backend NAME Name of the backend
TYPE Type of the backend (currently only supports Services)
REFERRED BY ROUTES HTTPRoutes that refer to the backend (displayed using + n more)
AGE Age of the backend
POLICIES Count of policies affecting this Backend -o wide
policycrd NAME Name of the Policy CRD in the form <>
POLICY TYPE Type of policy defined by the CRD (Inherited or Direct)
SCOPE Scope of the policy (Namespaced or Cluster)
POLICIES COUNT Count of policy resources of this particular type. -o wide
AGE Age of the Policy CRD
policy NAME Name of the policy
KIND The kind of policy in the form <>
TARGET NAME Name of the resource the policy applies to
TARGET KIND The kind of target resource in the form
POLICY TYPE Type of policy (Inherited or Direct)
AGE Age of the Policy CRD

Additional Notes:

  • The behavior of get and describe commands is similar to kubectl, with get focusing on concise resource information and describe providing comprehensive details.
  • backends represent resources that can be attached as backends to HTTPRoutes (currently limited to k8s services).
  • policycrds and policies are not native k8s resources but represent subsets of CRDs and custom resource objects related to policies. (policycrds are identified by PolicyLabelKey)

Examples of commands that should be supported:

  • gwctl get gateways -n foo (Lists basic information about Gateways in the "foo" namespace)
  • gwctl get httproutes -l version=v1,app=myapp (Lists basic information about HTTPRoutes with the labels "version=v1" and "app=myapp")
  • gwctl get gateways -n foo -o yaml (Shows detailed Gateway information in YAML format within the "foo" namespace)
  • gwctl get httproutes -l version=v1,app=myapp -o json (Shows detailed HTTPRoute information in JSON format with specified labels)
  • gwctl describe gateways my-gateway (Provides comprehensive details about the "my-gateway" Gateway, including information from related resources)
  • gwctl describe policies my-policy (Shows detailed information about the "my-policy" policy, encompassing data from relevant any related resources when applicable)
  • gwctl get policies -t kind=httproute (Lists basic information about policies that apply to HTTPRoutes)


To ensure gwctl is widely accessible and easy to adopt, the following distribution mechanisms will be provided:

  • Prebuilt Binaries: Prebuilt binaries for various platforms (Linux, macOS, Windows) will be made available for download. Tooling like GoReleaser can be used to streamline some of the build processes. Binaries will be offered in two variants:
    • gwctl for standalone use.
    • kubectl-gw for use as a kubectl plugin (kubectl gw).
  • Kubectl Plugin Integration: gwctl will be integrated with Krew, the kubectl plugin manager. This should immensely help with improving discoverability of the plugin, allowing easier installation, and handling automatic updates for the user.
  • Versioning: gwctl versions will be aligned with Gateway API releases (for the time when gwctl is developed within the same repository as Gateway API)
    • As gwctl matures, the need for maintaining it within the primary Gateway API repository will be reassessed. Factors such as a potential divergence in release cadence, independent contributor growth or the desire to reduce the triage workload for Gateway API maintainers could motivate a move to a separate repository.

Future Milestones

  • Each output of describe will include an extra Analysis field. This field will display any errors or other analysis information associated with the resource.
  • Investigate the feasibility and any advantages of using Graphviz or webview for visualizing data and presenting information in a visually appealing manner.
  • Evaluate how gwctl can be extended to support Mesh use cases


Sample outputs

The example outputs provided below serve as a guideline for the implementation, outlining the range of values that may be presented:

  • gwctl get gatewayclass -o wide

    NAME                            CONTROLLER                      ACCEPTED  AGE   DESCRIPTION             Gateways
    bar-com-internal-gateway-class  bar.baz/internal-gateway-class  True      100d  Internal Load Balancer  10
    foo-com-external-gateway-class  True      365d  External Load Balancer  25

  • gwctl get gateway -o wide

    NAME               CLASS                    ADDRESSES      PORTS     PROGRAMMED  AGE  POLICIES  HTTPROUTES
    demo-gateway-2     external-class        80        True        20d  10        5
    abc-gateway-12345  internal-class   443,8080  False       5d   2         1
    random-gateway     regional-internal-class    8443      Unknown     3s   3         5

  • gwctl get httproute -o wide

    NAMESPACE  NAME                 HOSTNAMES                          PARENT REFS               AGE  POLICIES
    default    foo-httproute-1, + 1 more  ns2/demo-gateway-2        5m   2
    default    qmn-httproute-100                        demo-gateway-1            5m   1
    ns1        bar-route-21, + 5 more           default/demo-gateway-200  5m   3
    ns2        bax-httproute-18777  None                               ns1/demo-gateway-345      5m   4

  • gwctl get namespace -o wide

    default      Active  46d  3
    kube-system  Active  46d  5

  • gwctl get backend -o wide

    NAME         TYPE     REFERRED BY ROUTES                         AGE  POLICIES
    foo-svc      Service  foo-httproute-1,abc-httproute-33 + 4 more  45m  5
    bar-baz-svc  Service  bar-httproute                              11d  1

  • gwctl get policycrds -o wide

    NAME                               POLICY TYPE  SCOPE       POLICIES COUNT  AGE        Direct       Namespaced  1               5d            Direct       Namespaced  2               4d            Inherited    Cluster     1               10m  Direct       Namespaced  3               45s

  • gwctl get policies -o wide

    NAME                                 KIND                                TARGET NAME                     TARGET KIND   POLICY TYPE  AGE
    demo-timeout-policy-on-gatewayclass               foo-com-external-gateway-class  GatewayClass  Inherited    10d
    demo-timeout-policy-on-namespace               default                         Namespace     Inherited    10d
    demo-health-check-1                   demo-gateway-1                  Gateway       Direct       10d
    demo-retry-policy-1                       demo-gateway-1                  Gateway       Direct       10d
    demo-retry-policy-2                       demo-httproute-2                HTTPRoute     Direct       10d
    demo-tls-min-version-policy-1  demo-gateway-3                  Gateway       Direct       10d
    demo-tls-min-version-policy-2  demo-gateway-4                  Gateway       Direct       10d

  • gwctl describe gateway demo-gateway

    Name: demo-gateway
    Namespace: default
    Labels: <none>
    Annotations: value1 abcdefghijkl
    API Version:
    Kind: Gateway
      creationTimestamp: "2023-12-01T18:29:41Z"
      generation: 4
      resourceVersion: "310164667"
      uid: ed046878-f659-4908-b80f-b88c9617ba8a
      gatewayClassName: l7-global-external-managed
      - allowedRoutes:
            from: Same
        name: http
        port: 80
        protocol: HTTP
      - type: IPAddress
      - lastTransitionTime: "2023-12-01T18:49:25Z"
        message: ""
        observedGeneration: 3
        reason: Programmed
        status: "True"
        type: Programmed
      - attachedRoutes: 1
        - lastTransitionTime: "2023-12-01T18:49:25Z"
          message: Some message
          observedGeneration: 3
          reason: Ready
          status: "True"
          type: Ready
        name: http
        - group:
          kind: HTTPRoute
      Kind        Name                 Namespace
      ----        ----                 ---------
      HTTPRoute   demo-health-check-1  default
      TCPRoute    demo-retry-policy-1  default
      TYPE                   NAME
      ----                   ----  demo-timeout-policy-on-gatewayclass  demo-retry-policy-1
      TYPE                   NAME                                 TARGET KIND   TARGET NAME
      ----                   ----                                 -----------   -----------  demo-timeout-policy-on-gatewayclass  GatewayClass  abc-gatewayclass
          sampleField: hello
          sampleField: namaste
        timeout1: parent
        timeout2: child
        timeout3: parent
        timeout4: child
      Type    Reason  Age                    From                   Message
      ----    ------  ----                   ----                   -------
      Normal  SYNC    2m12s (x46 over 138m)  sc-gateway-controller  SYNC on default/demo-gateway was a success

  • gwctl describe httproute demo-httproute

    Name: demo-httproute
    Namespace: default
    Labels: <none>
    Annotations: <none>
    API Version:
    Kind: HTTPRoute
      creationTimestamp: "2023-11-09T09:45:03Z"
      generation: 1
      resourceVersion: "290416533"
      uid: 716d9e5f-f57a-4e56-81f6-c579d5d17471
      - group:
        kind: Gateway
        name: demo-gateway
      - backendRefs:
        - group: ""
          kind: Service
          name: demo-svc
          port: 80
          weight: 1
        - path:
            type: PathPrefix
            value: /example
      - conditions:
        - lastTransitionTime: "2023-12-01T18:49:14Z"
          message: ""
          observedGeneration: 1
          reason: ReconciliationSucceeded
          status: "True"
          type: Reconciled
          kind: Gateway
          name: demo-gateway
      TYPE                       NAME
      ----                       ----  demo-health-check-1      demo-retry-policy-1
      TYPE                   NAME                                 TARGET KIND   TARGET NAME
      ----                   ----                                 -----------   -----------  demo-timeout-policy-on-gatewayclass  GatewayClass  abc-gatewayclass  demo-retry-policy-1                  Gateway       abc-gateway
          sampleField: hello
          sampleField: namaste
        timeout1: parent
        timeout2: child
        timeout3: parent
        timeout4: child
      Type    Reason  Age                    From                   Message
      ----    ------  ----                   ----                   -------
      Normal  SYNC    2m12s (x46 over 138m)  sc-gateway-controller  SYNC on default/demo-gateway was a success

  • gwctl describe gatewayclass foo-com-external-gateway-class

    Name: foo-com-external-gateway-class
    Labels: <none>
    Annotations <none>
    API Version
    Kind: GatewayClass
      creationTimestamp: "2023-06-28T17:33:03Z"
      generation: 1
      resourceVersion: "108322484"
      uid: 80cea521-5416-41c4-b5d1-2ee30f5366a6
    Description: Create an external load balancer
      - lastTransitionTime: "2023-05-22T17:29:47Z"
        message: ""
        observedGeneration: 1
        reason: Accepted
        status: "True"
        type: Accepted
      TYPE                   NAME
      ----                   ----  demo-timeout-policy-on-gatewayclass